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The auto parts supply chain: where to turn to save money

Do you know where auto parts come from? Who produces them? How do they get to the spare parts counter or to the mechanic’s workshop?

In this article we clarify the auto parts supply chain, because knowing means knowing how to choose, being able to discuss on an equal footing with professionals in the sector and knowing what you are buying!

There are various types of parts manufacturers, wholesalers, distributors, auto parts shops and mechanical workshops,

Do you know who can help you choose the best without a conflict of interest with respect to the proposal that makes you?

Manufacturer of original or original spare parts
By “original” spare parts we mean the components that car manufacturers install on new cars.

The original spare parts manufacturers are mechanical companies specialized on the single component. For example, Brembo only produces brakes, Bilstein or Kayaba only produce shock absorbers.

Usually, after a new car model is designed, a car manufacturer asks parts manufacturers to build the components that will be installed in the car, providing them with the design specifications and collaborating with them on the component design.

It is very important to know the OEMs , because in addition to the mechanical component installed on the new car, these companies also supply the car manufacturer with components that will be sold as ” original spare parts or OEM spare parts “, identical to those installed on the car left the factory.

Be careful because now comes the fun. To ensure free competition and therefore the reduction of the costs of auto parts, there is a European standard that allows OEMs (Brembo, Kayaba, Bilstein, etc) to sell the exact same components that the car manufacturer sells under its own brand. .

Let’s take an example:
If you have a Nissan Micra and a shock absorber breaks, you can buy the original Nissan shock absorber or you can know that your car’s shock absorbers have been manufactured by Kayaba and buy the exact same shock absorber at a lower price ” original ”with the Kayaba brand instead of Nissan.

You can therefore find on the shelf of your trusted spare parts dealer, two identical spare parts with different prices:

The original part, sold under the brand name of your car manufacturer The spare part of the OEM manufacturer with its own brand, but in all respects identical to the original one Of course the original manufacturer’s price will be lower than the “original” one, but I’m sure you know which one to choose ……

Independent spare parts manufacturer
In addition to OEM manufacturers, there are many other mechanical companies in competition with each other, interested in marketing a particular spare part.

The producers of independent spare parts depart from the original parts, thanks to experience and expertise, they will realize a similar one. Theoretically they would have to pay auto lawsuits to get all the information and specifications about the part they want to produce, but not all companies are willing to do so.

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