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Altous Auto Parts is a extensive auto parts supplying platform that provides a wide range of automotive repair part and maintenance services. These services are offered for both domestic and imported vehicles.

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Apart from our extensive inventory, we offer the best and detailed services for all vehicles as all of our technicians are qualified, trained and hold long and reputable experience in the field. We ensure all of our customers with hassle-free services while being surely pocket friendly.

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Our branches are spread out at various spot to be easily accessible for people living all over the town. Also, we carefully located our branches at places where most of the people face any problem so that they can access us urgently and have their problem sorted in quickest and best manner.

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Our platform offers auto parts supplying for all the domestic and imported cars. We provide immediate hands-on fixing and parts for most of the cars and in case, it is not available, we ensure immediate arrangements for you. As, we understand the essentiality of every part of the car and how it makes immense difference in the operations of cars.

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Every owner has a special place for his or her vehicle because of various reasons therefore, we ensure to provide the best services for all with our specialists.


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We work as a team and make sure to make all our customers feel comfortable and at ease. Our employees are always ready for advising and helping any other automobile related issue.

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All our workers are exclusively taught and trained and required to gain experience to ensure best working and handling of variety of vehicles without any problem.

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The risks of the motorist who comes to the garage with the spare parts he has purchased

I’ll explain. Once it happened that someone had a relative or a family friend who was a spare parts dealer, and for this reason he came to the workshop with the clutch or with the cutting kit in hand asking for it to be assembled .

But it rarely happened!

Now, thanks to the internet and hypermarkets, it happens more and more often that the customer shows up with the “sandwich brought from home”.

Question: “How much do you plan to save?” And is he also aware of the fact that there is no labor guarantee on the pieces he purchased ?

The motorist does not know that in the event of a clutch pressure plate breaking after 1,000 kilometers, he will have to pay all the labor necessary for disassembly and subsequent reassembly , also taking care of the die with his spare parts dealer to have the new part supplied under warranty.

Then there are those who ignore the specifications of lubricating oils and, as often happens, they buy an oil that is unsuitable for the type of engine (such as for many Ford and Volkswagen engines), telling you: “Ah the spare parts dealer told me it’s okay!”

Things like this also happen with drivers behind the wheel of fairly expensive cars. However, it is necessary to remind these people that the purchase of a 200 HP car involves exorbitant expenses not only on maintenance but also for RCA insurance, road tax and fuel.

when in reality on a Panda 1200 you spend a maximum of 350 euros including labor to do:

  • timing belt;
  • belt services;
  • 2 belt tensioners;

new paraflù and rear crankcase gasket.

And I don’t think it’s a blunder. Calculating that the equipment is not given to us mechanics, we also have the management costs of the premises, taxes and various disposals (different way of calling taxes).

We also have to pay for the disposal of used oil even if the new one is supplied by the customer!

It is funny to see a high target car owner show up in the workshop with the 4 liters of engine oil in the trunk and the commercial filter (equivalent to the original and not used as a primary system) to save 15/20 euros at the end.

The auto parts supply chain: where to turn to save money

Do you know where auto parts come from? Who produces them? How do they get to the spare parts counter or to the mechanic’s workshop?

In this article we clarify the auto parts supply chain, because knowing means knowing how to choose, being able to discuss on an equal footing with professionals in the sector and knowing what you are buying!

There are various types of parts manufacturers, wholesalers, distributors, auto parts shops and mechanical workshops,

Do you know who can help you choose the best without a conflict of interest with respect to the proposal that makes you?

Manufacturer of original or original spare parts
By “original” spare parts we mean the components that car manufacturers install on new cars.

The original spare parts manufacturers are mechanical companies specialized on the single component. For example, Brembo only produces brakes, Bilstein or Kayaba only produce shock absorbers.

Usually, after a new car model is designed, a car manufacturer asks parts manufacturers to build the components that will be installed in the car, providing them with the design specifications and collaborating with them on the component design.

It is very important to know the OEMs , because in addition to the mechanical component installed on the new car, these companies also supply the car manufacturer with components that will be sold as ” original spare parts or OEM spare parts “, identical to those installed on the car left the factory.

Be careful because now comes the fun. To ensure free competition and therefore the reduction of the costs of auto parts, there is a European standard that allows OEMs (Brembo, Kayaba, Bilstein, etc) to sell the exact same components that the car manufacturer sells under its own brand. .

Let’s take an example:
If you have a Nissan Micra and a shock absorber breaks, you can buy the original Nissan shock absorber or you can know that your car’s shock absorbers have been manufactured by Kayaba and buy the exact same shock absorber at a lower price ” original ”with the Kayaba brand instead of Nissan.

You can therefore find on the shelf of your trusted spare parts dealer, two identical spare parts with different prices:

The original part, sold under the brand name of your car manufacturer The spare part of the OEM manufacturer with its own brand, but in all respects identical to the original one Of course the original manufacturer’s price will be lower than the “original” one, but I’m sure you know which one to choose ……

Independent spare parts manufacturer
In addition to OEM manufacturers, there are many other mechanical companies in competition with each other, interested in marketing a particular spare part.

The producers of independent spare parts depart from the original parts, thanks to experience and expertise, they will realize a similar one. Theoretically they would have to pay auto lawsuits to get all the information and specifications about the part they want to produce, but not all companies are willing to do so.

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